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Thread: Problem with MacBook Battery not charging

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    Problem with MacBook Battery not charging
    I am having trouble with a battery charging on a MacBook. It appears either it's not charging or is not holding a charge since I can only use the MacBook while it's plugged in. The light doesn't come on on the charger when it's plugged into the Mac. Is there any idea what could be going on? Unfortunately the nearest Apple Store is not that close so I'm hoping to be able to solve this without going to the Apple Store.

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    Is there anything interfering with the connector? I have heard that the magsafe power adapter collects metal shavings and shorts out because of it

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    from the apple menu in the task bar at the top of the screen, go to the following:

    About This Mac -> More Info -> Click on the "Power" sub-menu in the "Hardware" list. Please copy and paste all of the "Battery Information" section here so we can see it.

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