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    Question Powerbook or iBook
    I've been looking into a new Apple laptop. I've always had Dells, but I want a change. I don't know much about the differences of the iBook and Powerbook. I want a 12 inch that I will use for web browsing, e mail, homework (word documents). Which one is for me?

    P.S. I heard a new Powerbook is coming out soon....what about a new iBook, and should I wait for it?

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    Oh ya, I also want portability and I'll also be watching DVDs.

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    Seems to me that your question is which you can afford? My college daughter has a ibook and does music with it plus the things you discribed. Memory is important and must be considered it the price because a ibook with 1gig ram will outperform a pb with 256.

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    Unless your going to be doing a little gaming or video editing, get the iBook. If your going to be doing what i just listed, get the powerbook.

    PS: battery life on the iBook is AMAZING!
    my Powerbook, if im lucky, gets about 4 hours.

    i use a 12 inch with 512MB ram and superdrive

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    Well, money is pretty limited, and I was leaning toward the iBook in the first place. I think I'll be getting a 12 in. Thanks for your help!

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    Oh ya, two more small questions.

    Can the iBook wirelessly find your printer, and does that need the Bluetooth thing?
    Do the iBook's keys light up?

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    Yes, you just have to set the printer up once in OSX--no it doesn't need Bluetooth. Only the 15" and 17" PowerBooks have illuminated keyboards.

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    Thankyou very much!

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    I got the powerbook because I liked the option of recording my own instruments through garageband. Now I like the idea of saving money on an ibook.

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