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Thread: My blank cd-r is not recognized on desktop and in folder..

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    My blank cd-r is not recognized on desktop and in folder..

    I am trying to burn a file onto cd but it does not get recognized @ all. The funny thing is that it works completely fine in iTunes in terms of recognizing a blank cd but not the same otherwise. Can someone tell me what's up? I'm frustrated b/c I need the hard drive space as it is getting close to completely full.


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    Go into System Preferences -> CD/DVD and make sure that when you insert a blank cd it is set to open up probably just have it set to ignore
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    I had that happen once. Restart your iBook.

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    Figured it out...
    Thanks for the tips!!

    Actually I just realized that I didn't have enough free hard drive space required to burn the disc. I just emptied out the extra stuff and now everything is back to normal. But thank you for the prompt replies!!

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    I think I may win the award for bumping an old thread, but I'm having the same problem with my MBP. I was trying to burn about 500 MB of pics to a CD for my inlaws and my computer isn't even recognizing the blank CD-R. I've tried three different brands, so it's not a faulty CD-R.

    I've already tried setting the default action to open finder when I insert a blank disk and that didn't work, and I've got 45 gigs of free space, so I doubt that's the problem....or were you talking about RAM with the previous post?

    Anyway, I called tech support last night and he couldn't figure it out and suggested I take it to the local apple store. I'll do that, but won't have time until this weekend and am hoping there's a quick fix somewhere. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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    Is it a faulty drive? Take a look in Disk Utility to see if it's still listed.
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