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    Cool Macbook Pro 17" 2.4GHz 4GB 160GB vs MacBook Pro 15" 2.4Ghz 2GB 200GB?
    Hi, I'm a graphic design major and looking to buy a MBP. Im dun know which one of these I should get:
    Macbook Pro 17" 2.4GHz 4GB 160GB vs MacBook Pro 15" 2.4Ghz 2GB 200GB?

    Both are Intel Core 2 Duo.
    Price: *MacBook Pro 15": 2.4Ghz 2GB 200GB- $1,938.42
    ---------->Come with: Free 8GB Ipod Touch, Free Printer*Macbook Pro 17" 2.4GHz 4GB 160GB-$1,799.95
    ---------->Come with: Free Apple Remote.
    I'm having a hard time choosing, please help. The 15" MBP comes w free stuff, but is $140 extra. The 17" MBP is cheaper & has 4GB Ram (which is worth almost $200).I'm leaning toward the 17" because its good deal-it's cheaper,has 4GB Ram & the screen's high resolution.
    BTW, what is "Edge" Memory? This new MBP is on sale for $1,799.95.Is it a good price? I dun know if I'd be bothered by its size later.I dun have a desktop so I guess it'd be both-lap-desktop for me.

    And also I have question about Applecare? Can I buy it whenever or have to buy it along with the MBP?
    Thanks for your time

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    I think you may be happiest getting a 15" and an external monitor. Lots of real estate at home and much more portable.

    Buy your ram after-market and it will run you about $100. Edge is simply a brand of RAM (like Ford or Honda).

    Use Apple's refurb store for price checks - it will help you decide if something is a good deal.

    You can buy and register AC anytime within the first year of ownership. Buy that aftermarket too. Amazon will save you up to $60 on it; it's even cheaper on ebay.

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    Get the cheaper one, you can upgrade to 4GB and a higher HDD for a lot cheaper.

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