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    i have a macbook, only a few months old, and i've noticed today that every few minutes, my mouse will freeze. it will eventually unfreeze after about a full minute. also, when i'm typing, my comp will suddenly run in slow motion, or exaggerate the letters i type so that they come out looking like this (even if i only press the key once): "ooooonnnncceeeee" the letters keep going even if i've taken my hands off the keys. it's odd. and annoying.. it's taken meeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbboooooooooooo ooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu

    ok i was trying to type that it's taken me about 20 min to write this short paragraph because of it doing THAT which you see above. grr.. anyone else experience this???

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    Haven't seen this mentioned before, but you may need some maintenance on your Macbook. Try Mainmenu - download it here: Then install it... the icon will be in you upper right menu bar. Go to the bottom of the menu "Mainmenu" and select Preferences, check all the options (except maybe "Force Empty Trash)." Now you can Execute Batch Tasks and it will clean up your machine.

    Hope this helps, Noel

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    i'll try that, thanks

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    it's still freezing i have hardly anything on it so it's not like the harddrive has limited space. i'm so frustrated.

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    my girlfriend's macbook freezes also. It only freezes when the laptop heats up, and I think its because there isnt sufficent airflow. Maybe its the Intel processor compensating because of the heat. I remember reading somewhere that Intel processors will compensate if the temperature is too high but not sure =/

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    hm.. that could be. i do keep a close eye on how warm it gets though. right now it's cool, and working fine so maybe that is the problem.

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