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    Question Right Key of the Touchpad?

    I have a problem. I own a Macbook Pro and use the touchpad instead of a mouse. Now I have the problem that I can't use the right part of the key of the touchpad. So I don't get menus which are opend by right clicks.

    Do you know how to configure that? I was in the system control but I didn't find the answer. Only the speed of the mouse pointer or zooming options with the fingers on the touchpad, but nothing about setting the key under the touchpad.


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    1. When in doubt, Ctrl+click and it will give you a guaranteed right click.

    2. Enable the two finger click. In this you keep two fingers on the touchpad, and click the button.

    3. Enable the two finger tap. Here you tap with two fingers to emulate a right click.

    2 and 3 will be available in the System Preferences > Keyboard and Mouse preference pane.

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    It worked. Thank you very much

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