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spikesc 09-07-2008 04:03 AM

My Mac is Slow
Hi All,

After my old PC died (right before finals) 10 months ago my mom lent me her seldom used PowerBook G4 (and then just gave it to me). After a couple of days getting used to the operating system and hardware differences I quickly grew to love the Mac. Lately, my PowerBook G4 PowerPC with a 1.5 GHz processor, 512MB of ram, and running Mac OS 10.3.9 has been running slowly. It's particularly slow loading web pages and streaming video/audio. I've also experienced slower than usual boot-up times and when opening large files. I'm a novice at Macs, but I'm eager to learn how to make my machine run better. Can any of you suggest some trouble-shooting techniques and/or quick fixes? If you need any more information I'm happy to provide any information you need.


louishen 09-07-2008 04:30 AM

A quick fix might be to let MainMenu run some maintenance tasks

Otherwise you could add some more ram, perhaps a 1 gig simm with the option of a second 1 gig stick later

Also consider upgrading the OS to Tiger which is a bit more sprightly IMO

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