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    How to burn-in or stress test the iBook's CPU and memory?
    I'd like to stress test the processor and the extra stick of ram that I bought for my iBook.

    In the PC world, I'd use Prime95 and memtest (bootable CD) to test the CPU and memory.

    What apps do I use for an iBook?

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    xbench is a shareware, that gives video, cpu, hard drive specs. I just got 1gig for my pb15 133 al and tested my puppy before and after. Is this what your'e looking for?

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    Nah, it's not benchmarking software that I want.
    Basically, I'm looking for software that can scan/test the memory for bit errors, and another piece of software to test CPU stablility/consistancy under stress/load.

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    As noted on the site;

    "I only tried your product out this afternoon for the first time. I'm really impressed. I heard some buzz about it on versiontracker and some of the tech sites, but thought it was "only" a bench mark utility.

    I had no idea until I downloaded it and watched it run that it was a tool for diagnosing specific problem areas in performance. I assumed that it would only output a single number - like an overall performance rating. Then to see that one can use it to compare to other user's systems: very comprehensive."

    but they do have memtest for mac.
    for the os x system. prime95 is not avaliable yet.

    I would suggest you benchmark also before adding memory or stressing your system.

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    There is nothing that does real stress tests but this program does a great job of scanning all of the hard disks, memory and testing the CPU for errors
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    Or you can use the included apple hardware test for memory & disk errors...

    It's included on the installation cd's.

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