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    HELP!!! turns on then COMPLETEY FREEZES!
    Ok. Im not gonna rant im just gonna tell you whats wrong.

    The machine turns on okay, loads up and reaches the title screen. Within about two minutes play time in and/or out of programs the computer then freezes and doesnt work at all.

    And that, is quite simply it.

    Before this problem occured it did remind me afew times that i was running out of disk space. Of course i ignored this hence why the problem has arrived!Could it be a hard drive issue?

    If anyone can help me with this one, that would be great!
    Fingers crossed this isnt too serious.

    Many thanks, Graham

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    Could be it. As you run out of memory, OS X tries to use virtual memory, (which means hard drive space) can't find any swap space so it hangs.

    Try deleting files and folders you no longer need. Copy all your music and videos to an external hard drive. Make more room on the HD and see what happens.


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    Ok thanks for that. I will try it but i dont think it will work due to the simple reason i have about 2 minutes (if even) before it freezes up completely. I will certainly give it a shot though!

    Ill let you know how i get on.

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