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    spilt gin and tonic, battery wont charge!!!
    HI, i really need some help. a couple of months ago i stupidly fell asleep watching a film on my macbook whilst drinking a gin and tonic after a night out! when i woke up i realised that i had spilt it on the computer, and it would only turn on for a few seconds.

    after a few days of drying out, the computer worked fine, but only with the adaptor plugged in. there is a black X over the battery status indicator. there is also a few keys which dont work. i have ordered a new tracking pad and keyboard to replace that which hopefully will work. however i dont know what to do about the battery issue! i have tried a friends battery and it doesnt work. if the macbook is on, powered by the adaptor, and i remove and replace the battery, the battery status says it is calculating for about 5 or 10 minutes, and the magsafe adaptor turns orange. after that it returns to a black cross and a green light.

    is this the logic board? if so how can i go about fixing/ cleaning it?

    thanks so much for any help given!

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    Jun 16, 2008
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    Sounds like you messed up the part of the mobo that handles the power and charging. I think it's a bit beyond DIY stuff.

    But at least you didn't spill some girly *** drink like a cosmo or appletini on it

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