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    Sep 06, 2008
    Powerbook G4 display, Red line
    My powerbook display has recently developed this vertical red line along the mid-right side. I was wondering what sort of remedies there are for this, aside from replacing the display. The display was just replaced last August, because it would only function at lowest brightness. Unfortunately this was at the very end of the warranty.

    I have gone through all the assembly steps, and was hoping it could possibly be a poor connection. If anybody has any suggestions on what can be done aside from replacing components, please tell me!

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    Aug 07, 2005
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    17" Macbook Pro 3.06Ghz 7200RPM 500gb
    I have also just developed this issue on the display of my powerbook G4. Guess it will force me to get a new macbook pro that i wanna get.

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    Sep 06, 2008
    Nah, I was thinking of replacing some parts on it. No money for new computers. I need a new case on the bottom too.

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    It's dead pixels if it's a Titanium powerbook.
    The lines could be made by
    component failure
    or numerous other things.
    Yes my name is Jaguar.
    No, it is not a joke.
    I don't find your "I'm a cheetah." joke funny.

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