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    Sep 05, 2008

    I recently got a refurbished Powerbook G4 and it was all fresh, new battery and everything. I only had it a few days when it started playing up.

    When I turn it on (whether it be on charge or with a full battery), it makes the chime sound and you can hear the computer working inside. The screen however stays black. When I touch the volume buttons you can hear them making the key sound. This also happens when I do finally get it on (just by keep turning it on or off, or sometimes removing the battery - now and then it actually turns on - whoop) - anyway, once it finally works and I put it to sleep, when I open it up again, you can hear it all working insde- but nothing on screen.

    On the very few occasions that it does turn on, the screen first flashes up quickly then goes off, then a second later it starts up as normal as if nothings wrong.

    PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP? Does anyone know what is wrong and/or anything I can do that will help with it and ultimately stop this from happening. Any tricks or secret key combinations?

    Thanks you all so much for your help - fingers crossed , Sophia

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    Jun 19, 2008
    If this were a G3 ibook most would say the video chip on logic board is in need of clean soldering or the logic board is in need of a change - not sure that's the fault here but you had no replies so i thought to offer something.

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