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Thread: Macbook Cant Read DVD+R DL

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    Question Macbook Cant Read DVD+R DL
    I have the 2006 Core Duo Macbook and I just made a backup of my leopard install disks, BUT my laptop cant burn DL DVD's so I used my friends 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo Macbook running leopard to do it, I went into Disk utility on his and clicked new image when the OSX DVD was in it and went through all that and it made a dmg file to his desktop, then I clicked Burn at the top with the dmg selected in the column, it went through and after it was burnt it ejected and I deleted the dmg files that I made from the dvd and left it at that. When I got home to test it, I put it in and it span up made a few noises and spat the disk out. I cant get it to read it, meanwhile my originals are locked in my safe .

    The disc that I burnt it onto was a imation 8.5GB DVD+R DL can the original macbooks not read Dual Layer +R discs or something?

    We both had OSX 10.5.4 Installed and both fully updated

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    might be down to which drive you have in your macbook i carnt remember if u look in about this mac and then more information it should tell you there

    is your are pirating osx please don't its cheap to buy it much cheaper than windows and at the mo apple do not ask for keys and stupid activation stuff like windows if you pirate osx you will make apple stop this and make life harder for every one else

    so go spend your 130 on osx please

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    Thanks, but just so you know, i've had leopard since day one when I bought it and its been running ever since then. Thus me wanting to make a backup just in case something happens to my originals.

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    read DVD DL in MacBook
    I had the same problem with my Macbook which I purchased in mid 2006. It wasn't able to read my DVD DL. After sitting hours on net I tried one of the suggestions.

    I run "Verified Disk Permission" from the Disk Utility and things got right. Now I am able to read DVD DL.

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