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Thread: I just ordered my iBook

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    I just ordered my iBook
    I've finally made the plunge and placed my order for my first Mac.

    I ordered a 14" iBook without any customizations. When I get a few more bucks I'll be adding another 512Mb of RAM, but I'll have to run it for at least a week with the base 256Mb.

    I decided to get the 14" instead of the 12" because the 30Gb hard drive isn't big enough for me, and if I customized the 12" to give it a 60Gb drive returning it if there are immediate problems is impossible.

    Also I realised that since I'll be using this machine as a work computer for graduate school I'd better be able to stare at the screen for hours and hours on end, and my friend's 12" screen seems a bit too small for that sort of work.

    I'm very excited about this, my brother has been a long time Mac user, has a PowerMac G4 and a Ti PowerBook 15" (Onyx), both of which I love using.

    I've been planning this purchace for about 8 months, and done a conciderable amount of research and decided that Apple was the only real choice for me, seening as I am not playing any games, and need long battery life. Simply put, there are no PC notebooks on the market that do what the iBook can do in the areas that I need performance. I'm just not too happy about having to wait til I can put the extra ram in it.

    Anyway, I thought I would share my story with you all. Yet another switcher, wish me luck.

    * Edit - Sorry about this, I just realised this post should be in the Switcher's section. Mods, can you move this thread? My appologies.

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    Welcome aboard. I'm sure you will have lots of fun with your new iBook. It certainly is an excellent time to buy one.

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    They shipped it today, I got the confirmation this evening. I should have the computer friday or earlier. I can't wait!

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