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    Unhappy Ibook G4 12" Super Drive Problem
    I just recently bought a Ibook G4 800 mghz (earlier model) off ebay and bought a super drive because the only optical drive it came with was that it could read CD's it did not come with a combo drive. I installed the superdrive and it now says that burn support is no and i cannot play or burn DVD's or CD's i emailed the guy i bought the drive from and he said that if it did not come with a drive that could play DVD's than it will not support this drive, i dont want to have to take out the drive is there any firmware or any other suggestions as to how to get this supported so i can get this thing working. THanks in advance

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    thats a 7 year old machine your trying to stick quite new technology in. I'm not much help here but ....

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    I'm pretty sure this has been done before. Did you make sure all the settings on the superdrive were the same as the original CD drive? sometimes there are jumpers involved.

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    Why not try Patchburn ? That has worked for me many times.

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