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    Screen on powerbook covered in turquoise lines!?
    My powerbook has suddenly developed a turquoise hue across the whole screen. They are actually small rectangles and columns. It cropped up randomly. I turned off the computer and left it off for a good few hours and its still there. They kind of come and go on different parts of the screen now. Its just making everything have a turquoise tint.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Sounds like to me it could be a problem with the cableing in the hindge...

    Go to a repair shop which supports apple, they will give you a price for a repair. In many cases it is better of to just buy a new mac, as the price for a new one can be as much as a second hand one on ebay...

    If you can't afford that i would suggest going on ebay and looking for spares and repairs powerbook and see if you can get it cheap and fix it urself...

    I like Mac's and Windows!

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    It seems it might be as suddenly now the turquoise lines have gone. I am worried they will return though. We shall wait and see. I thought it might be the videocard originally but if it was could it return to normal so simply?

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