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    picking up a used mbp, what next?
    What would be your first course of action after picking up a used MBP? Assuming all the software is installed, would you run some sort of a virus scan?? Is there even such a thing for a mac?? Or would you just start uploading your personal files and away you go..

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    Being used I'd probably do a fresh install of the OS, erasing the hard drive first, to set it up with my name, details etc, and get rid of anything left on it. If you want to do this you need to insert the OS X disk, then restart, holding down C on start up, and following what's on screen from there on in.

    You can run a virus scan, though there aren't currently any Mac viruses (it'll pick up PC viruses that don't actually do anything on your Mac, but you can spread them to others still if you send them out in email attachments etc). There's ClamXav which is free.

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    please note there are holes in osx and these are being fixed and there are still viruses and things that can mess ya mac about so best do a fresh install of osx and then run system update and check you have latest firmware

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