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    optical drive is always spinning?

    This is a great site you have here!

    My macbook optical drive has recently been acting-up. Is seems that the drive is always spinning even though there is nothing in the drive. What makes me concerned the most is that it will periodically make the "Waking the computer from sleep" sound for no apparent reason. The drive works fine when I put a cd/dvd in it.

    I did a search for this issue but only found posts for drives that don't work.

    Thatnks for your help.

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    I could have a few answers

    • Your optical drive could be broken, a quick eBay search for a new one or at an apple shop.
    • Do you have your warranty? Or apple care left
    • You could have a software error which is causing this to happen, re-install the OS and see if this solves your problem.

    Good luck
    I like Mac's and Windows!

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