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    pb switch question
    After 8 years of using windows I am now dead set of getting a mac. I have been thinking of getting either the ibook or powerbook and have narrowed my list to 12" ibook, 12" powerbook or a 15" powerbook.

    if steve jobs announces a pb speed bump or a dual core g4 or a g5 upgrade to the powerbook line this coming mwsf, will the existing powerbook prices go down? does anyone recall if anything like this happened before? or will it go down once the new units start shipping?

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    Well, I don't know if the prices are gonna go down, but they're certainly gonna stay the same WHILE being upgraded. Also, I assure you there won't be a G5 PowerBook - too many problems with heat and stuff with the regular G5 processors in the PowerMacs. I am also waiting on the update for me to get my 15inch PowerBook. It's gonna be completely ace! There are VERY VERY little chances that the PowerBook is gonna he upgraded to a G5. Dual Core G4, now that's a possibility.

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