Hi, I'm new on Mac, and my problem is this:

My partner had a macbook that give to me to start in this "mac world".

This notebook has this problem, my friend try to install the original OS of this mac, I have the original cds that say Apple mac os X, well my friend try to give my this mac like new, and put the original cd to format and install the OS, this was at night, very late, he leave the install proccess alone, and go to bed, put the mac without the charger connected to the "light", and in middle of the night the battery die.

At morning the mac was "death", he connect the charger to the light, and try to start the macbook, and the only thing that it do when it turn on is:

- cd do movements
- screen in black
- the battery light blinks

and nothing more.

what can I do?

where must I to start?

thanks a lot for you time and help!