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Thread: Trackpad Issue

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    Trackpad Issue
    Hello everyone,

    I have a first generation Macbook Pro. I've had it since 2006 and it has worked pretty well. However, for a long time I've had an issue with the trackpad. The click does not function anymore. I kick myself for not getting the Apple Care plan, because now I think it's coming back to kick me in the butt. Anyway, are there any Macbook Pro owners here that have had similar troubles? How much did it cost you to get it fixed at the Apple Store? I'm trying to weigh the cost of repairing or just buying a new computer. Or, if the repair isn't too bad I might just get it done and sell the MBP for a good price so I can get a new white Macbook. Any info you guys have is much appreciated. Thank you.

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    It will be much more expensive to get it fixed from Apple considering lets face it - everything they sell and offer is over priced.

    I think a better alternative would be to buy a mouse from any company for $20-30, and use that instead. I think it's easier that way anyway. I've never heard of troubles with the trackpad.

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    Thanks for your input. Yeah, I've had the mouse hook-up for awhile at home but school has started and many of my classes are in theatre seating with the little fold-out desk, which leaves not much room for a mouse. Anyone else have any insight about the cost of a trackpad repair? More specifically the click button

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    I had problems also with the first generation macbook pro 17". The button kept sticking. I googled the question and found an answer to the problem that save me $400. The solution was a simple piece of paper placed between the case and the button and slid along the space. small debris gets into the space and causes the button to stick. Once I did this the button performed as new.
    Hope it works for you.

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