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    2 iBooks. 2 Problems.
    Hello. I have two problems with 2 differnet iBooks that I recently purchased from eBay. They are both previously owned. I want to start this by saying that I love my Mac. I came from a PC world and now would have nothing less than a Mac. However, I am also completely out of my element when it comes to doing any tech work on these machines. So these problems may be completely common and easy to fix for anyone with at least a little knowledge of this OS, which at the moment, is not me.

    The first iBook is running Tiger, and worked fine for around a week. My brother used it and now there is --what I think-- is a resolution issue.
    The startup icon and boot circle load in full resolution. When the desktop loads, I see my background/icons/wallpaper in full resolution for around 2 seconds then everything shifts to a low resolution, kind of like when you enter safe mode in windows. I tried going to the display and changing the resolution, but nothing works. Any advice?

    Second question. I recently purchased an ibook from eBay. It arrived yesterday and seemed to be packaged extremely well. However, after opening the package and attempting to turn on the Mac, I could hear the system boot but my screen was %100 black. I thought this was strange so I let the Mac charge for a few hours. I checked the battery light, it was full and I made sure it was secure in place. I then attempted to boot the system again, only to find the same problem. I could hear the system running but I have no power to the display it seems. Could something have come loose in shipping? Did I purchase a DOA lemon? I can press something like caps lock on the keyboard and the green light comes on to show that the keyboard is working. What should I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    With the first one I'm not sure.

    With the second I'd be complaining to the seller, if it has been damaged in transit they need to claim it, and if it was like that before they sent it you need a refund. It could (I suppose) be a cable shaken lose. If you shine a bright light onto the screen can you see anything at all?

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    For the first one I would run Disk Utility and fix the permissions. Always the solution when a mac is acting up. If that does not work then maybe a full reinstall might solve the problem.

    With the second iBook I second the idea that it may just be a disconnected cable.

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