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Thread: Power input

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    Power input
    Hi guys,

    I had a question regarding the input to my charger (the part that goes orange when charging). Whenever I plug it in, it doesn't do anything, other than when I push it down is when it goes orange. If I hold it there and boot the computer, it's fine and the computer starts up and works. But whenever I let go of it, the computer turns off.
    I have opened it up and everything, but can't see anything blatantly obvious.
    I have an ibook clamshell. Any ideas??

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    Heh a clamshell....That was how I got into Macs.. Yeah I'll field this question since I've worked on more clamshells than Barry Bonds has hit home runs. Your AC Power Plug-In Port (The part that glows orange.) has come loose. There's a screw holding it in, if it feels loose to you, it needs to be tightened. If it's tight, buy another one off of eBay as it's toast.
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    Still not working
    Yup, i double checked it and it is very tight. Does this mean it is definitely in need of a new AC power plug?


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    Quote Originally Posted by LJ_Chaz View Post
    Yup, i double checked it and it is very tight. Does this mean it is definitely in need of a new AC power plug?

    Yes, he's right. The instructions on how to do it are on and the part can vary from $20 up.

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