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    Jun 03, 2008
    Swapping combo drive from G4 to G3
    I have a G4 iBook with slot loading combo drive that I want to install in my G3 iBook (800) which has a tray loading combo. I have read a lot on this on many forums, and basically there are two issues....the bezel required to cover up the excess space on the G3 below the slot, and the question of how to make it a slave drive instead of a master, if there is no switch on it (it is a Mat****a CW 8124). There was also one reference about the logic boards being different, but only that one reference, no other info. (I plan to get a Superdrive for the G4) Has any body done this or have access to the answers to my concerns? Any help would be appreciated, my budget is rather slim, so I am planning to do the labor myself...I've seen the instructions on ifixit, and I have overhauled Carter carburetors, so I feel confident. Thanks.

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    Jun 03, 2008
    slotloading combo drive G4 to G3
    Anyone? There must be somebody who knows whether it can actually be done, and knows how to do it....please?

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    Just give it a go

    If there is no jumper on the DVD drive, try setting the hard disk as slave

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    Let me know how the swap went. I tried with a 500mhz and it didn't work.

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