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    Airport antenna wire broken!
    Re: Powerbook G4 15" 1.5GHz

    While removing the Airport Extreme card i managed to rip the antenna wire from the small plug that fits to the card. [OUCH!!]

    I removed the notebook keyboard/cover and discovered that the wire is about 10cm long and has a connector to the rest of the antenna, which if i can get a replacement means i do not have to completely dismantle the notebook... the only problem is i cannot find anywhere that sells this antenna wire, even if its a complete kit, i can just unplug the section i need.

    Does anyone know where i can order this antenna?
    I have tried iFixit, but the wire they supply (out of stock anyway) is a complete piece.

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    I think i have found a place, i just need to get the exact part.

    I Google'd "airport antenna jumper cable" and "airport antenna wire"

    Also iFixit reckon they have the part too, just need to get them the model number of my powerbook and all should be ok.

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    I have managed to find the jumper cable, it comes as part of the airport card cage, see image.

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