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    So today my girlfriend spilled water all over her macbook.
    Immediately I unplugged it and removed the battery before anything shorted out. I wiped everything down without actually opening the case and the ram was soaked, the battery was pretty wet, but the hdd seemed okay.
    So after soaking up all the water I could find I started it up and ran the apple hardware test and everything checked out okay.
    But, I know for a fact the optical drive is toast, the computer now says that it has no optical and its performance has decreased significantly.

    So I want to find a hardware test that will check every bit of ram, the whole 9 yards so I can find out what needs replaced.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Firstly, I would disconnect the battery and allow the machine to completely dry for at least 72 hours. Water by itself will not damage the machine - its the shorting of the circuits that it can cause that will actually damage it. With any luck, these malfunctions that you're seeing are not permanent. I would give it a good amount of time to dry out before any further testing.
    Liquid and computers don't mix. It might seem simple, but we see an incredible amount of people post here about spills. Keep drinks and other liquids away from your expensive electronics!

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