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    Macbook - multi touch or not?
    I have a new Macbook 2.4ghz and I can use two-finger scrolling on it, which I understood to be one of the features of multi-touch. However, looking through the buyer's guide in Mac Format, it says that a disadvantage is that there is no multi-touch. Wiki also says Macbooks don't have it.

    Is my understanding of multi-touch incorrect, or is it something the latest models have but older Macbooks don't?

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    No it's not multi-touch. That just the way of scrolling with all of the trackpads. The multi-touch is only on the MBPs.
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    Yea... The "real" multitouch consists of the three finger swipe, pinch to zoom, and rotate gestures...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 05GT View Post
    The multi-touch is only on the MBPs.
    The MacBook Air also has Multi-Touch.

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    No as others have stated, however for new buyers viewing the thread, its extremely likely we'll see new macbooks in the near future and i'm nigh on certain multi-touch will be added to the line.

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