This is an odd problem. I've had my Macbook for about 2 years now, bought it in the first batch of the dual core Intel chips. I love the little guy, however.

Recently I'm having to reboot every few days because otherwise everything crawls to a near standstill. Switching between applications takes a good 30 seconds of spinning beach ball, creating a new tab in firefox, opening a document could take minutes. After a reboot things are fine for a few days (more or less depending on use) and then it goes right back to slow as molasses. (I'm using the same applications I was 2 years ago and was not noticing this issue then.)

It also now takes a considerable amount of time to wake up. As in sometimes I'll get up and get myself something to drink while I wait. This doesn't seem normal to me.

Any suggestions? Is there any sort of maintenance I should be doing to the little guy to kick it back into gear?

(I have used MacJanitor to force the daily/weekly/monthly tasks to run just to be sure they are getting done. But that doesn't seem to have helped.)