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    Increases RAM From Another iBook
    Does anyone know whether I could use the RAM memory from an iBook (who's hard-drive crashed) to increase the memory in another iBook? My fiance and I had the same iBooks but my hard-drive died suddenly. In order to increase her RAM memory, I was wondering if I could just take the RAM out of my old iBook and add it to hers. I'm not sure whether the hard-drive crashing would have any effect on the RAM.

    Here are the specs for both of the iBooks:

    iBook G4
    1.2 GHz PowerPC
    256 MB

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    Yes, if they are of the same spec and there's an open slot in the to-be-upgraded iBook, it should be fine.
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    From the specifications you listed it is not possible. Each iBook has 256MB of built in memory on the motherboard. You will not be able to take this memory out and use it in her iBook.
    You may want to look into a new HD for the iBook as the G4 iBooks are still worth fixing.

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    Thanks for the help guys. I just discovered that the her iBook only has one slot for RAM so I can't simply put another piece of memory in. Thanks for taking the time to offer help anyway.

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