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    MacBook pro hardware problems...
    I bought my MacBook pro about a month and a half ago. There are 3 major things wrong with it.
    #1. One of my pixels burned out. I've been using my Mac pretty much every day but still, should this happen???

    #2. My screen, when closed, is warped. I don't want this to become a problem over time.

    #3. The boarder on my mac is loose. Whenever I put my left hand down to type, is makes a plastic snapping type of sound.

    Here is the problem. My school starts on Tuesday. I need my Mac for school. I'll be bringing it in to my local Apple store on Monday. I have had past encounters with Mac support that didn't go to well. So my questions to you is, Would they by any chance give me a new one? I mean I can't stand having a broken pixel and I know they can cause problems down the road. I'm very ****** that I've spent my hard earned money buying something that is sub par when it shouldn't be. I've done nothing to cause any of these problems. Unless you count using it=P. So what are your thoughts??? I don't have the time to send it in to them and wait weeks to get it back. In case it matters, I don't have the extended warranty but It's only a month and half old.

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    Anyone have any thoughts???

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    1. make appt. for genius bar
    2. explain whats up
    3. explain why you need it
    4. hopefully they'll give you a new one..
    5. if anything it'll get fixed.

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