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    ok so today i recieved my macbook 2.1 intel duocore from apple. with the new promotion, im starting to get serious about my photography. even tho right now its just an expensive hobby no one else is going to invest in me or see my visions quite as i see them, so i might as well setup my own photo lab! got the wide format photo printer not too long ago and finally i can ditch the easily bogged down and extremely hot (temperature wise; i could fry eggs on that thing!!) toshiba and replace it with the macbook. i financed it, as i will probably have to do with alot of the photography equipment. so far i love it, next month i get photoshop and office suite for it and it should be ready to rock and roll. i like how small it is... its smaller than the toshiba (easier for me to take out in the field) yet more power and the screen is so vibrant and clear! its way fast compared to the toshiba and i hope this processor can handle all the stuff i plan on throwing its way.

    so lets see, i got the old skool imac (internet browser)
    i got the powermac g4 MDD that i picked up for $400 (hooked up to the 36" plasma and 1,000 watt surround sound... media machine!)
    and now the mac book (photo guru)

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    IMO if you haven't used Tiger or Leopard before, you haven't used a mac. Congrats on your MacBook btw.

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    I got a macBook and love it, just the right size I think! and so powerful as you have said. Good luck with it.

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