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    Trying to Format New SSD on MacBook, failure to register
    After my 3rd hard drive failed in my 2 year old MacBook, I have decided to install my own hard drive instead of going with the Hitachi thing. I did this last time my drive fried but don't remember having this problem.

    When I go to format my shiny new SSD drive (hopefully won't die like my previous hard drives) the formatting program fails to register that the drive exists at all. I go to 'disk utility' like all the guides say, but in the left hand bar all I see is "MAT****A DVD-R UJ-857D". Nested under that is "Mac OS X Install DVD". I'm assuming the first thing is just a fancy way of saying the install disk is registering. That's it. Nothing else.

    Looked in every folder, tried everything I can think of it. It's a Transcend 2.5" D Solid State Disk with 64GB. I'm trying to loading my Leopard OS on it, but have run into epic failure so far. I'm tearing my hair out. The system is at least starting, so it must be registering my drive in some way, right? Or is it just booting from the install disk? Help me!

    UPDATE: Don't know why I didn't try this earlier, but I took out the hard drive and tried restarting the computer with the same results, so it clearly IS booting from the disk. I'm sure I put it in correctly, but I can find no information if these drives are compatible with Macs. Does anyone know?

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    Im not sure if the motherboard would have support for this.
    is your macbook the one with 512MB RAM and 60GB hard drive?
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