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    MACBOOK *white* 2.4GHz; 2GB RAM; 160GB HDD
    help me get a new book!
    hey guys,
    so i'm about to make a purchase on a refurbished macbook.

    i've done alot of research over the last month on notebooks. . .there's alot of great notebooks out there, but nothing has come close to taking my breath away like a macbook, or macbook pro does.
    i've never used an apple before (well in the past 15 years at any rate). . .so this will be my first mac purchase, and first time using the apple operating system (which looks amazing, and is a major factor on why i want a macbook over a windows notebook).

    i don't currently own a computer (have to goto my parents to use a computer). . .which is driving me crazzy. i want something easy to take along with me (i do alot of photography, so i want something to take with me so i can edit my raw files on the go).

    but here's my dilema. . .

    macbook pro

    hrm. . .that's a tough one.
    i can get a macbook, with 2gigs of ram, and 160gb hard drive for $1099 refurbed.
    that's a great deal in my eyes. . .and i absolutly love the looks of the white case.
    but, it's not so great at gaming. it will play my most important games (magic online, flashflashrevolution, and wow). . .but anything knew, and it probably wont run very well.

    this will more then likely be the only computer i own for at least the next 2 years, maybe even 3.
    i don't know that i want to skip out on a computer with not very good graphics.

    then i have a macbook pro. . .i can get one with a 15.4 glossy screen, 2gigs of ram, 200gb hard drive, and an nvidia dedicated graphics card (which from what i've seen, is more then enough of a card for me).

    this really is my dream system.
    not only is it dam powerfull (2.4ghz core 2 duo), but it's amazing looking, thin, and light (5.4 pounds is extremely light compared to my mom's 8 pound notebook, that doesn't even have nearly has high of specs).

    but it's quite a bit more $. refurbed it'd cost me $1699. that's a $600 increase over the macbook.
    and honestly i don't even know if i'd ever get all the power out of the book. i'm not a huge pc gamer, but i do love trying new games out.
    i also use photoshop cs3 alot. . .but both the mb, and mb pro will run that program.

    so help me decided.
    i've been thinking this over for awhile now, and i still can't come up with a decisive answer for myself lol.
    i think i'll probably end up going with the pro, i mine as well get more then what i need as this will be the only computer i'll own for quite sometime. it's better to be safe then sorry.


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    Buy the MBP. While a MacBook is a great machine (I own one) it's not well suited for gaming. And don't forget to purchase Applecare. $$$$

    Get a part time job and you'll never look back....


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    Jul 23, 2008
    MACBOOK *white* 2.4GHz; 2GB RAM; 160GB HDD
    heh this summer has been crazzy for me.

    first i got myself a nice camera (a canon xsi). . .now i'm about to get myself a nice computer system.

    i consider myself extremely lucky. . .
    i have amazing parents that are willing to help me out alot.
    they help me purchase my toys, and then i just pay them back over a couple of months. of course i'm very good at paying my parent's back, and keeping my bills payed off, and payed on time.
    i'd never let my parent's hang on one of my toys. . .and i think i've done a good job over the years proving myself trustworthy to them.

    but still, i'm extremely lucky to have them.

    hehe my dad's actualy the one that wants me to get a pro. i was going to go with a macbook, but then he started looking around at the macbook pro (hehe he thought the case was made out plastic that looked like silver lmao he was really impressed when i told him it actualy was alluminum.) he fell in love with it's sleek looks, and then i let him watch some videos on it on youtube, and now he's convinced that that's the book i need to get.

    i'll be making my purchase in the next couple of days hopefully. . .i'm probably going to end up splurging and getting myself the pro. . .it's just such an amazing piece of machine. . .truely a dream machine for me.

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    If you can afford it get a MBP.

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