Hi everyone i would just like to share a story with you all. I buy broken macs macbooks imacs so forth. The other day i purchased a imac g5 2.0ghz it had the typical logic board issue of the distorted picture and lines. So i take it to my local apple store to ask them what exact part is wrong with it. Thinking im going to get a run around saying i will have to pay the 600 for a new logic board i was very sceptic on even bringing it there because it weighs so much. Well i did it anyway and he says that it is a 2.0 and its NOT covered under the recall. (what i figured) Then he threw me off guard and said "Well cover it we dont want to lose you as a customer." I was like WOW. I get the call the same night saying its done. Great! Well then my macbook charger broke.........My luck so...... i figure who care ill take it there and try to get a new one (my macbook ran out of coverage in june) I go in its packed to the point there setting up a line. I go in and get my computer (works great now) and i ask is this covered under warrenty it melted out? The guy says what model macbook I tell him a 2.0 core dou. He says sure goes in the back and gets me a new one. So all in all sure i could have fixed my mac but when every one is so willing to do it for free i really saved 800 bucks. My story