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    help in choosing ram
    Hi everyone,

    I am going to upgrade the ram on my computer and wanted to know which of the following you recommend:

    The corsair which also has a mail in rebate:

    and the Kingston (although it is value ram - good or bad or neither?)


    for those of you who live in canada, please recommend me to some good shops out there as well.


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    I would generally stay away with anything with the words "value ram" in them. Get Corsair.

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    Hi computer.geek.

    I upgraded my MBP ram to 4gb earlier this year. I used the online service at

    on this site you can download a scanner which tells you which ram to buy. I've had no problems with the ram I purchased and it was about a third of the cost from Apple.

    I don't think they are based in Canada, but they are in the USA, so shipping shouldn't take too long.

    Hope this helps


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    Here are some options from Newegg:


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