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dakineyj 08-22-2008 03:53 PM

Calibrating Battery Sleeps for Days
My calibration is all screwed up. So while trying to calibrate I left it on before going to bed. It says I only have an hour of charge. So I go to bed and when I get up it is asleep just as it should be. Then I waited all day and into the late night. It was still sleeping with the light blinking. I couldn't wait any longer. Is there a way to keep it from going into sleep when the counter runs down?

Noels 08-22-2008 04:36 PM


You might be better off letting it run down during the day so you can put it to sleep before you go to bed. Wait until it's almost out of battery use (maybe when it starts blinking or about 5-10 minutes), and then close it for the night so it can sleep, too. Then in the morning, plug it in and start working with it.

Read this if you haven't seen it before:

Hope this helps, Noel

dakineyj 08-23-2008 03:00 AM

Thanks for you response. I have read that before. I was under the impression that to calibrate the battery properly you should run the battery down until it goes into sleep mode. Then left alone until the battery is so depleted that it can no longer stay in sleep and must go into the safesleep/shut down. That is how I have done it before and returned to 100% health. But now my meter is so far off that when it runs down on the counter there is still plenty left in the tanks to keep it sleeping for 2 days, or longer since I couldn't wait any longer. So that is why I was asking about a way to deplete the battery longer than what timer says.

Noels 08-23-2008 10:14 AM


Perhaps letting it sleep so long before plugging it back in has thrown the counter off. Try putting it to sleep yourself when it's near 5-10 minutes by closing the cover. The Apple piece suggest even turning the computer OFF instead of letting it sleep. Maybe that would work better, I'm going to try that next time...

Also, I normally keep it plugged in when it's sleeping every night as a normal way of keeping it charged up between calibrations. That works well for me...


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