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Thread: miniDVI to VGA problem.

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    Aug 22, 2008
    Question miniDVI to VGA problem.
    I have recently purchased the miniDVI adaptor for my Macbook and have linked it to my LCD TV via a VGA cable. The first time i used the cable, all was well. The laptops display was automatically upscaled and i got a perfect picture of whatever i had on the laptop screen, on the TV. Since trying again however, all i get is the OS background showing on the TV. If opening dashboard for example, the display on the TV dims but no detail is actually shown. I have looked in the display settings to no avail. Any idea what the problem may be?

    Thanks in advance, Dave.

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    In System Preferences, Displays, Arrangement, do you have mirror displays checked? If not, your TV is now an extended desktop from your MacBook, which means you can drag windows to and from your TV, like your MacBook screen was actually much larger. Checking mirror displays will ensure that everything that is displayed on your MacBook is also displayed on your TV, which sounds like this is what you are expecting.

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    Thankyou very much, that was indeed the problem. The dragging between two screens feature is very very cool.

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    It's cooler than you might think On other computers (read, Windows), it is, in my opinion, ridiculously difficult to set up an external display, including just watching a movie on your TV. With a Mac, plug it in and you're done. It is an amazing feat of goodness that I never get tired of

    Also note that you can change "where" the extra display is. You want your desktop to extend to the right (which is the default), no problem. If you sit on your couch, with your MacBook on your lap, and want the display to "continue up" onto the TV, you can do that as well. In that arrangement tab, simply move the external display to the top. Pure excellence, I must say

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