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    should i wait or get now?
    okay im look for a macbook and i dont no if i should wait or get it now i can get the school discount for it right now but should i wait for the new one is it going to be cheap or better or when is it evening coming out?

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    if you need a new laptop, don't wait on a new model, unless one is right around the corner (which is very unlikey right now). if your current computer is suiting you fine for the moment, sometimes it's fun to get the newest model, just as it's released. but a year away, another new model will come out, and so on.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    to be honest, I expect the next model to be a relatively minor bump anyway... unless they're going to include blu-ray.
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    Get it now! I waited and didnt't get the macbook + nano deal last year and ended up buyng a macbook when it was too late, without anything free. So get it now.

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