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    Just got a macbook pro, initial hard drive questions
    Hi, I'm new to Macs. I've always been a PC guy, and I just got my first Mac cause my school's architecture program required it. I fired it up and started getting a feel for it. After a few hours I checked the hard drive, and now the only things I've installed are Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium and Microsoft Office 2007. The Hard Drive said Total Space 232 Gigs, and available space 204 Gigs. I was shocked. Does Mac require this much initial hard disk space or is something going on.

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    I'm sure that Adobe Suite is large - their programs almost always are Do you have any idea how large your school's architecture program is? if it's anything like most architecture programs, I'd judge it's probably large as well.

    You could download GrandPerspective, a Mac sizing program that's free and get an idea how much each program and OS X occupy on your hard drive. I'm sure your hard drive is in good condition. Just to make sure, go to your Applications>Utilities folders and select Disk Utility. Select Macintosh HD at the left, then Verify Disk and Disk Permissions and if it's available Repair Disk to assure yourself.

    You have a great machine in that MBP and I'm sure you'll enjoy it immensely. You'll be proficient in no time. Good luck,


    EDIT: Sorry I didn't mention, WhatSize is a more definitive sizing program, but it is shareware and will cost $12.99 if you have more than 20GB to size up... I haven't bought it yet, but probably will in the future.

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