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    First lets start with the much anticipated pciture of my ibook...

    Then we'll move on to the 2nd course, my review of the ibook on of 3 people found the following review helpful:

    5 out of 5 stars A Long Time PC User Switches to Apple., December 25, 2004

    Reviewer: Brian M. Bielby (Colorado, USA) - See all my reviews

    First lets start by saying that I am a very conscientious consumer. I research stuff over and over before I consider buying something. I like to know that I am getting a good value for my money. I use Amazon and epinions to help reaffirm some of the decisions I've reached, and usually the other consumers on there reach the same conclusion I have. I can honestly say I spent many a night on Amazon reading other customer reviews.

    Initially I was interested in getting a notebook, not necessarily an Apple. I started doing my research, and started to realize that many of the options that I wanted, and that most consumers would want, are available on the ibook, and for much less than the competition. Everything about the ibook is very practical, and I'm a practical person. I will break this review down into some key segments.

    User interface and comfort: The apple ibook is very comfortable to use, the keys feel great, and the system weighs in at less than 5 lbs. It easily fits into my backpack, and the way the machine is constructed, I don't have to worry all day about the ibook getting damaged. The speakers aren't very loud, but in a quiet setting they are sufficient. Bass is pretty much non-existent, so if you are planning on listening to music, get some headphones. The ibook also has no protruding parts, making the machine look very sleek, as well as non-abrasive to clothing or anything else a sharp corner could snag on. The slot loading drive also makes way more sense on a notebook. Another feature I really enjoy is the ibooks' battery life, which clocks in at about 5 hours, almost double what competing Windows based notebooks have to offer.

    Technical specs: This could easily become a recap of what Apple's, Amazon's and every other site has, just technical specs. I will try and break it down for everyday use. The ibook comes standard with a 30gig HD, however I will, as others have, recommend ordering a 60gig model from Apple themselves. It costs an extra $60 and is definitely worth it. Thirty gigs of HD is not enough for most consumers, as you could fill it up very quickly. Its nice to have the 60gig to be prepared for whatever applications you may encounter in the future. The ibook comes with 256mb of DDR ram standard. Now on a Windows XP machine, 256mb would be a joke, but on the OSX operating system, it is definitely enough to get buy. I am planning on upgrading the ram, but it's not something I need to go out and do right away. The CDRW/DVD drive works flawlessly, and the Airport Extreme for wireless Internet, that comes standard with the machine, works effortlessly. A Raedon 9200 video card comes standard, with 32mb of ram, not enough to run the latest games, but sufficient to run a decent amount, and more than enough for everyday applications. Last but not least, the 12.1" screen looks very good in all sorts of lighting, although best in lower key lighting.

    The Mac OSX Operating System: If you are new to Apple computers, one thing that might make you hesitant to switch, is learning a new interface. I can attest that I was nervous before purchasing my ibook, while purchasing my ibook, while it was shipping, and up until I opened the package. Every fear or hesitation I had about the OS was immediately put to rest after about 2 minutes of use. I have never really used a Mac, not since the mid 90's, and then it was only for a few hours at school. The Mac OSX is way more intuitive and easy to use, not too mention more stable, than Windows XP could ever dream of being. Windows XP is a decent OS no doubt, but the OSX easily trumps it. Imagine a world without pop-ups, spy ware, viruses, and other annoying things associated with Windows. None of those problems exist when using a Mac. I have pretty much everything figured out after only 2 days of use. The most impressive thing however, is the OSX' ability to multi task, I can easily have 6 or 7 programs running smoothly and flawlessly. I can also switch between them with ease, no locking up, no delay, try that on XP with 256mb of ram. It really is hard to explain how great the OSX is, but have no fear in switching, for you will easily pick up on it.

    Odds and Ends: Gaming is very possible on the ibook, but you won't be able to run games at full specs. I am sure once I add more ram I will notice better performance, as Apples are known to utilize ram very well. I will be honest though, if playing the latest games on the go is what you are looking for, the ibook is not for you. There are so many software programs that come free on the ibook; it has already become a part of my everyday routine. The Internet is the same, but you don't use Internet Explorer, you use Apples own Safari program, which I find superior, and you can also download Mozilla's or Window's browsers for the ibook as well. So in my daily routine I can do everything you could want to do on the internet, as well as manage my finances with Quicken 2005, research stuff for school with World book 2004, listen to music with itunes, watch a DVD, add contacts with the address book, plan events with the calendar, and use ichat (its IMing but with more features). With all these different applications included with the ibook, its easy to see how this "ibook" can become an integral part of your everyday life. Remember that I've accomplished and learned all of this in just 3 days of use.

    So in Conclusion: I honestly could sit here and ramble on about the ibook for hours and not get bored, it really is that great of a machine. I find myself writing this not getting the least bit bored; I look forward to learning more and more about my new Apple. I don't make the best money, and spending a $1000 dollars on something I had never really had much exposure too was definitely a leap of faith, but now that my ibook is here I cant believe I used to live without it. Honestly, do yourself a favor, get to a CompUSA or an Apple store, and just sit down and play with a demo, you'll see what makes the world of Apple so appealing. I am now convinced that I need to try and switch as many people as possible over to Mac, for it truly is that much be tter.

    And finally for dessert, and believe me its oh so sweet...

    Look on the right hand side about 1/3 the way down, the 12" ibook G4 is the best selling notebook on A glorious day indeed.

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    ^Sorry the pic is so big, 56kers' beware!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenredfield
    ^Sorry the pic is so big, 56kers' beware!
    Im on the slowest possible dial-up and it didnt take long to load, by the way, nice review

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