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Thread: HDD Clicking?

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    Desolate One
    HDD Clicking?
    I don't know if I should be worried or not about the clicking my HDD is making. Never recall it doing it this much before but it's doing it quite often lately. Anyone know wot could be causing it?


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    Mr. MAC
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    Possibly your fan is tapping a loose part in which case you might want to carefully take of the outer casing and check. If you don't feel comfortible in doing so i would consider taking it to a computer store and have them check it out cause it is possible that in time it could do harm to your MAC™.

    P.S. as always this is just a suggestion and I am not
    responsible for any damage to your MAC™. Good luck

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    does it sound like the tap described above, or a real fast repeating but still varying click?
    if its the secondone, it may be a sign your drive is going bad, Id suggest backing everything up daily just in case, cause one day, if you restart or start up your mac, it may not start up.

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    The click might be because your hard drive is being used a lot - and it's also caused sometimes by the lack of enough ram while running programs. When there is less ram, the hard drive does more work in order to perform properly. When there is enough ram, the RAM is used more isntead of the hard drive. How much ram do you have? Maybe you need to upgrade. Or yea, it could also be the fan...

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    Desolate One
    It's not very consistant so I don't think it's the fan hitting anything.

    Very true Lasha, I have the minimum 256 built in. I'm planning on maxing it out w/ another gig stick soon. Could be heavy swap space usage, at least that's wot I hope.

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    Usually a clicking hard drive means it is about to die, I would backup any critial files just incase. Reading a hard drive for virtual memory purposes shouldn't make it click even if you do it a lot.

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    Well, hard drive clicking is normal. My hard drive clicks, my brother's old computer's hard drive clicks - it's just a sign that your hard drive is reading and processing day. So, you're gonna max out with a total of 1.25GB of RAM, eh? NICE! Should be a **** of an upgrade!

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    Desolate One
    Yup, ordered the stick last night so I should get it sometime this week. I really hope it's not the HDD failing, I mean I just got this thing about 2 months ago!

    Oh, and it only really does it when I have multiple apps running. Keeping my fingers crossed guys!

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    Desolate One
    Okay, got the UPS tracking # for the gig stick and backed up all my important data. I'm ready to go when the stick gets here. Hopefully it is just a lot of swap space usage.

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    I had similar problems two weeks ago with my 12" iBook 9Oct 2004) I got my HDD replaced by Apple Store. So please visit an Apple store. This new iBook lot has got defective HDDs. There are several such cases , Apples own discussion forum for Ibook is full of such posts in last 3 weeks or so.

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    Desolate One
    Quote Originally Posted by suhasG
    I had similar problems two weeks ago with my 12" iBook 9Oct 2004) I got my HDD replaced by Apple Store. So please visit an Apple store. This new iBook lot has got defective HDDs. There are several such cases , Apples own discussion forum for Ibook is full of such posts in last 3 weeks or so.
    Did you lose all your data in the replacement, or were they able to copy it over to the new drive? I haven't been hearing any clicking all day today- I've been keeping of running multiple apps at the same time, but this is still a concern of mine.

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    Desolate One - How far do you live from an Apple Store? Couldn't harm just to have them check it out...

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    where did you originally buy your iBook from? Did you purchase it directly from the Apple Retail Store or online?

    I read about 4 people who have ordered their iBooks from Amazon have had minor problems and glitches. A guy I know who ordered his 12" iBook from Amazon had a glitch with his HDD not being able to "see itself" and he did mention the click of death. He brought it to a Genius and they had to use the "red phone". They replaced his 30GB HDD with a different 30GB HDD (i think he said it was a different brand from the original). If I get a chance I'll try to ask him to be more specific or tell him to join this forum and explain.

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    Desolate One
    -I live about a 30 second drive/3 minute walk from one.
    -Directly from an Apple retail store.

    I'll definitely have them check it out soon, but I've been busy entertaining out of town guests this holiday season.

    As far as a replacement drive, will they be able to mirror my setup, or will I have to start from scratch w/ a clean install?

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    Desolate One
    Also, it hasn't been making the clicking noise anymore... So if I take it in and can't duplicate the issue/noise how will they diagnose the problem?

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