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Thread: Problems w/ iBook G4 disc drive

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    Exclamation Problems w/ iBook G4 disc drive
    So three days ago, I was making a playlist for my friend to burn in iTunes. I pop in a blank disc (I get the whole "you have inserted a blank disc, what would you like to do" window), and clicked, <Ignore> as usual. I go to the Burn Disc button in iTunes and it says "Please insert a blank disc".
    I tried ejecting it, putting it back in, and I tried about 5 other blank CDs.

    I never had a problem in the past, and I don't recall doing anything before that might of messed my settings up.

    i'm on an iBook G4 (the 1.33ghz edition) running Tiger version 10.4.11

    Any ideas on what's wrong? I know the drive hasn't completely broken, as I can still play games that require the game disc to be inserted.

    Thanks beforehand.

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    When that happens again, just click Enter and see if it doesn't recognize the disc in the drive.

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    It says "Please insert a blank disc" in the bar where it usually says the song playing, album, etc. The only way to make it go away is by pressing the little X next to it. When I pressed enter, all it did was start playing the first song in the playlist that i wanted to burn.

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