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Thread: G4 iBook cd/dvd problem

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    G4 iBook cd/dvd problem

    I have had problems with my cd/DVD burner reading disks sometimes, and today I cannot get a DVD-R mounted or eject it. I have tried to start over again holding down the mouse button but the disk will not eject... Don't hear the drive either. Any ideas of what I can do? I repaired permissions already. Running OSX 10.3.7

    BERT in Sweden

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    Hello there. I just recently started having this problem yet again with my iBook. One thing that seems to work with the gadget is to restart the computer and while it starts up again hold down the following buttons: Apple key, control, F and O. When a screen of text appears on your computer type in the words "eject cd" and press return. Do this enough, and the cd will poke out. Grab it, yank and remember to bring it to somebody to repair. Recently I read a few posts on other message boards regarding this very issue. Apparently most left handers who pick up the computer hold it by the cd drive, thereby bending it. In so doing, they condemn themselves to these same difficulties you and I are experiencing. Tomorrow the genius bar dopes will be hearing from me.

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