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    Question iNoob - Macbook or Pro?
    After just reading over an hour of information regarding the MBP, I have NO idea which direction to go for my new laptop. I am currently working on a PC. The original plan was to go for the MBP, to comply with my extensive photo editing and CS3 usage, however the issues that have been revolving around that machine(opp. system?) including the blank screen issue and the wifi issue are really staring to scare me. Has this problem been fixed as of today? If not, should I just go for the black Macbook and upgrade the **** out of it? It hurts a little to read everyones stories of dropping all this money on their new machines to have issues within the first month. I need to get this soon(before Oct for the ed. discount) so all help would be appreciated!

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    I don't know why you're afraid to purchase a MBP. There are myriads of MBP owners who have absolutely no problems with their machine. Other than it being rather expensive, it's a fine machine which will give you years of untroubled service. And if you should have a problem, that's what Applecare is for.

    Apple service and technical support continues to lead the industry year after year, and this year 2008 is no exception. Likewise for quality control and usage.

    I guess you can always purchase a top of the line Sony or Dell and take your chance with either of them - and pay around the same price. But before you do, take look at how well their service and support is rated.


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    Thanks for the reply, chscag.

    I was refering to these problems:

    478 posts of almost all unsatisfied users makes me nervous. I was curious if maybe this or any of these problems have been fixed or if it something that people are still dealing with.

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    Well, no matter if you decide to go PC or get any sort of macbook, either side is always going to have problems. I also am looking to purchase a macbook pro and have spent a good amount of time researching. I've read plenty of horror stories but for the most part a lot of people are still satisfied with it. I would say just take the plunge and if you still worry that something bad will happen to it pick up the apple care plan.

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