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    Dual monitor to my Macbook

    I have a Macbook and have just picked up another screen. I know my Macbook can have the dual screen application. Is there anyway I can connect the monitor which uses a scart lead to my Macbook (USB?)


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    I have a macbook with another monitor. But I couldn't connect USB I had to buy a Mini-DVI to VGA.

    To connect an external display, you will need one of the following adapters.

    Mini-DVI to DVI: Use this adapter for an advanced digital monitor, such as the Apple Cinema Display, that uses DVI video.
    Mini-DVI to VGA: Use this adapter to connect your MacBook to a standard analog monitor, projector, or LCD that has VGA video cable.

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    excellent, looks like the Mini-DVI to VGA looks like the one for me! Thanks for your help.

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