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Thread: Deal or No Deal

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    Question Deal or No Deal
    Through my Dad's various contacts I can get:

    APPLE MACBOOK 2.4GHZ WHITE (£705.53)
    NEW Leopard OS 10.5
    Intel Core Duo 2.4Ghz
    Preinstalled iLife08
    Battery life (upto) 4.5 hours
    2GB RAM
    160GB hard Drive
    13.3" TFT


    Office 2008 for Mac (£18.00)

    Is this a good deal??
    Yay or Nay?

    Oh, and would I be able to install Final Cut Express onto this system?

    You just lost The Game!

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    I'd say that's a pretty fair price.

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    Yes you could definitely run Final Cut Express. I run in on my 2.0 GHz MacBook and it runs OK.

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    That's a good deal, the mid-range MacBook normally starts at £830 and Office 2008 (Home and Student Edition) is £99.95 from Apple, so if you can get it for £18 then that's more than awesome.

    And yes to Final Cut Express as well... You will be able to successfully install and use Final Cut Express 4 on your new MB.

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    Nice price.

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