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    Gutting the iBook hard drive
    I am planning to remove a 30Gb Ultra ATA drive from a 7-year-old G3/600 Macintosh 12" dual-USB iBook.

    As it is labelled an Ultra ATA, (Toshiba MK3017GAS) I am assuming it is 80-pin rather than the standard 40-pin standard PATA and therefore may not have the same connection to be able to use it in an external PATA hard drive case.


    1. Is it 80 or 40-pin?

    2. Will it fit inside a standard 2.5" enclosure for an ordinary PATA/IDE drive?

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    Welcome aboard, PaleBlueEyes, the G3 iBooks used the standard PATA drive interface, not the 80 pin. That Toshiba is also a standard PATA drive. I am wondering if the 'ultra' label you are reading is a marketing thing?

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