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Thread: Should I Get A MacPro Or A PowerBook G4 12''?

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    Should I Get A MacPro Or A PowerBook G4 12''?
    Hello everyone! I've been torn up with this question for awhile now and I just wanted to see what people think I should get. I currently own a MacBook which I am planning to sell. With that money I was planning to put it towards either a Powerbook G4 12" with a 1.5ghz processor or a Macbook Pro 15". I'm only selling the Macbook because I wanted something either a little smaller, like the Powerbook, or something more powerful, like a Macbook Pro. I'm a very mobile person so that is why I was leaning towards the Powerbook, but I also am a power user, I do a lot of gaming, and I am also going back to school for a degree in Computer Engineering.

    The pros of a Powerbook, atleast for me, would be that it is small and compact so I can take it everywhere with me. The cons of it are that it is not as powerful compared to other laptops.

    The pros of a Macbook Pro, for me would be, it is practically a work horse that can take some programs I might use for school as well as games that I would like to run. The biggest con for me would be that it's a tad big. Lugging it around class with me would be a bit of a hassle since I also have my books to carry.

    All in all, I'm still very confused and from day to day I change my mind on what to get. And since Apple has the student discount till September 15th, which drops the Macbook Pro price too 1799$, my decision has been made even harder... Which laptop should I pick up?

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    I have an 12' iBook G4 1.33Ghz (Last iBook Made). It's small and nice but the G4 is getting old. The next version of OSX will probably not even run on it. Same with that 12" Powerbook G4. To me the Macbook is really not that much larger then that 12" PB but a LOT more powerful. I would just keep the Macbook if it was me and I wanted small size. The G4 is running out of steam and fast and for school applications the Intel Mac would be better as you can run Windows on it also for some applications you might need for school.

    If you want even more power and better Gameplay, the MBP would be your best bet. That G4 will not be a good choice for Gaming at all.

    I like my 12" iBook like I said, but would take a Macbook over it any day of the week and that 12" Powerbook is just like my iBook in overall performance.

    My take on your situation.

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    I'd get the MacBook Pro. I see no point in buying something less powerful than you already have, it's only going to die on your or get out of date/too slow for current applications sooner.

    PowerBook's are fab but dtravis7 is right, they're getting on a bit, and if you want something that you can continue to use for years to come for demanding applications and newer software, you're going to want a newer processor.

    And for the size issue... my ex had a 12" PowerBook and there's really not that much in it. What little you lose in length you gain in thickness.

    Honestly? I'd stick with the MacBook or buy the Pro. Actually, if I could afford it I'd buy a Pro tomorrow.

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    Thank you guys for the replies. Like I said, I have been debating this for a while now and still sort of am. But taking what skaheadpunk is saying is right. Why would I want to buy something that is going to get more and more obsolete, when I can purchase a brand new product that will last me for years and years to come. As soon as I get the money I am going to purchase a Macbook Pro :-)

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