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    iBook won't turn on >.<

    So I left my iBook G3 (600MHz, 12.1") on all night last night (something I'm accustomed to doing), woke up this morning and found it asleep (I have it set to never go to sleep, so I knew already that something was wrong). The sleep indicator light was blinking, so I tried to wake it up as usual by hitting the power button. It didn't wake up.

    I removed and replaced the battery in hopes of just doing a hard power-off/power-on, but even after that it wouldn't turn on.

    Some things I know:
    - The power on the battery was full last night, and now it's only got one dot.
    - The charger, when plugged into the iBook, has the green indicator light. However, isn't it supposed to turn orange when it's charging the battery?
    - Even after leaving it alone and plugged in for hours, the battery is still at one dot.
    - Unplugging the laptop, removing the battery for 15 minutes, putting it back in and trying to turn it on (unplugged) didn't work. Plugging in after this and trying again didn't work either.
    - Removing the battery, just plugging in the laptop to the adapter, and attempting to turn the laptop on hasn't worked either.

    It's Christmas day so I can't bring it to an Apple Store to check the charger... is the charger the most likely culprit, or does anyone else have any ideas on how to get it working?


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    It sounds to me like the charger could be the problem. Perhaps it went bad during the night, and the battery completely discharged (causing the machine to go to sleep). If the charger was faulty, it wouldn't be able to wake up since there's no power getting to the machine and no way to charge the battery.

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    You can use a voltmeter (or multimeter) to check the voltage output at the charger

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    Make sure that there's no problem with the Power Supply.

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    I agree, the most likely culprit is the battery charger. Also, if you live relatively far from your Apple Store, you may want to try what alejandrico said,and test the voltage output of the charger...(That way you don't get there, to find that the charger is perfect)

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