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    i got a brand new 12 inch powerbook and this sucker runs ht, everytime i use it i break a sweat. how do i cool this, the fan never wants to kick in.

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    Well, maybe it's not hot enough?

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    Go into system preferences> energy saver> there should be a setting in there for the fan (not sure about this tho, I don't have a laptop)

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    no, you're wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by )(*
    no, you're wrong
    **** neye: . Oh well I gave it a shot.

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    lol, sorry, that was a bit harsh. i apologize.

    thank you though for trying to help, thats more than most people

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    running hot
    Quote Originally Posted by )(*
    i got a brand new 12 inch powerbook and this sucker runs ht, everytime i use it i break a sweat. how do i cool this, the fan never wants to kick in.
    I also bought a 12" around 8 months ago and yes they do get very warm (ok, hot :-)

    Try and keep it off anything that prevent air movement under it, like on a bed or carpet. There are products that use fans under the portables to keep them cool and all seem to help from what I have read. Evan stands like the iCurve help.

    I find mine gets to around 55 or 60 deg celsius before the fan comes on. Most of the heat on mine is the left side of the trackpad though as far as I know the processor is on the same side but under the keyboard so why it gets hotter there is beyond me. I think the hard drive is there but I did not think they got that warm.....

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    well, i might be the only person in the forum that read the guide that came with his poewrbook, that sasy, the powerbook is desigend to let the heat out of the casing driectly withour the use of fans, so ti si quiet normal for it is get hot.

    is the heat disturbs you try getting a icruve, or even better a ilap

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    lol ha thats nothing.....
    i just got my i book and i have to say, it sooooo much cooler than my dell. my dell gets soo hot i cant even use it as a 'lap'top. another main reason i switched to mac.

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